8 Key Ingredients for Writing Instruction ESL/EAL Teachers Need to Address

Writing for EsL

There are a number of things for ESL/EAL teacher to consider when teaching writing:
1. Letter & Word Formation
Helping learners develop legible writing through appropriate letter and word formation.
2. Constructing Sentences
Teaching learners how to put words together into meaningful sentences and develop grammar sense.
3. Spelling
Helping learners develop and apply different spelling techniques to improve accuracy
4. Understanding Writing Process
Helping learners develop effective writing skills which include thinking about writing, planning, brainstorming, drafting and revision.
5. Recognising style and register
Teaching learners to recognise different features of formal and informal English and apply them to create their own texts.
6. Composing Paragraphs
Teaching learners how to write cohesive (the text elements are linked together) and coherent (makes sense) texts.
7. Understanding Purpose & Audience
Teaching learners to vary their written language, structure and form, depending on their audience and purpose.
8. Punctuation
Teaching learners about correct and effective use of punctuation.


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