My Week at a Glance 2

ESL Teacher s Week at a Glance 2

What I’ve read/re-read:

Curtis, M. The Role of Vocabulary Instruction in Adult Basic Education

Well, J. Goals in teaching English pronunciation

What I’ve watched:

Research-Based Approaches to Teaching Reading to Adults

Masha Bell’s video explaining the difficulties of English spelling

What I’ve pinned:

21 Digital Tools to Support Vocabulary | Learning Unlimited

Great infographics on presenting stimulating material to kids for maximum retention of concepts | An Ethical Island

Become An EdTech Specialist: Do You Have What It Takes? | Edudemic

New tools I’ve discovered:

Blendspace: a platform for teachers and students to collect, annotate and share digital resources. An app is also available for students to access the resources.

StudyBlue: a tool to create and share flashcards. An app is also available.

Diffen: a very interesting tool/website that allows you to compare anything and is useful for language learners exploring differences in the meaning of easy to confuse English words.


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