My Week at a Glance


New Tools I Have Discovered:

MoveNote: an online video presentation tool that can also be used on mobile devices. It will be useful for assessing presentations CSWE 2 and CSWE 3.

Feedient: a promising tool for keeping your social life in one simple overview. Feedient connects seamlessly with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and your YouTube subscriptions. The universal notification centregathers all your account notifications in one place.

HabitList: an iPhone app to help you create good habits. It will be useful for learners who want to monitor their learning goals.

Canvanizer: an online brainstorming tool developed by a German team. It will be useful for project planning whether it is for online learning or work.

Blink: is a quick, elegant and simple way to record video on your iPhone or iPad.

OpenStudy: will be useful for students interested in starting/joining a study group.

What I Have Read:

VET Practitioner Capability Framework 

Adult digital media literacy needs – Qualitative research report

Digital literacy and e-skills 

‘DDD Your Language’ And 3 Other Little Habits You Need To Have To Make A Big Difference In Your Students’ Vocabularies


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