Assess Your Own Teaching

Assess Your Own Teaching

He who dares to teach must never cease to learn. (~Anonymous~)

It doesn’t matter what subject you teach but the learning experience you create in your classroom is something your students will remember you for. Here’s my list of self-reflection questions to help you establish the ultimate purpose of your existence as a teacher. I reserve the right to review the list with the goal of making it as accessible and clear as possible.

• Why are you in the classroom?
• What is important to you as a teacher?
• Do you know/understand your curriculum materials?
• Do you know your textbook/resources? Do you understand how your text book is organised?
• Do you set goals for your professional development and growth?
• Do you reflect on your teaching experience?

You and Your Students
• Do you know your students as people?
• Do you know their strengths and problem areas?
• Have you established efficient homework routines?
• Do you effectively communicate with your students?
• Do your students understand the course/programme expectations?
• Do you provide your students with clear criteria for success?
• Do your students understand your expectations?
• Do you have clear routines and ground rules in your classroom?
• What strategies do you have to help your students become independent and effective learners?
• Do you provide your students with opportunities to reflect on how they are learning and thinking?

Your Teaching Repertoire
• Do you use a variety of delivery methods?
• Are you clear about what/how you assess?
• Do you review the material before tests?
• Do you follow up tests?
• Do you teach study skills?
• Are you aware of different techniques that can be used to maximise effective learning?
• Do your teaching objectives match with the approached teaching techniques?
• What are your teaching strategies for students who finish their tasks quickly/work very slowly?
• Do you model effectively?
• Do you activate students’ prior knowledge?
• What are your ways of praising and encouragement?
• What are your strategies for error correction?
• Do you provide oral/written feedback to your students?
• Do you scaffold your teaching points in the most effective way?

Your Lessons
• Do you have a lesson plan?
• Do your students understand your teaching jargon?
• Do your lessons cater for all levels of your students?
• Are your lessons appropriately paced?
• Do you have a stimulating start to your lesson?
• Do you recap new points?
• Do you use appropriate transitions between different stages of your lesson?
• Does the learning climate in your classroom support your learners’ needs, styles and temperaments?
• Do you have plan B if something you have planned does not work?
• Are your lesson objectives/outcomes clear to you and your students?
• Are your lessons balanced (addressing all the macro skills)?
• How do you know that your students understand and learn what you teach in your classroom?
• Do you make eye contact with your students during your lessons?
• Are you aware of your voice pitch/body language/facial expressions?

Final important questions
• Are you an effective teacher? How do you know?
• Do you provide your students with a productive learning environment? How do you know?
• What do you need to focus on to develop your teaching skills?
• Are you in the right job?


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